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Discover Our Expertise


Working Coffee

Expert Guidance

With years of experience within film, TV and music, we have the capabilities and expertise to take bring your projects to multi-platform audiences in the UK and beyond. At Magus Films, we combine our insights and skills to transform your projects and products. .



Avoiding Fatal Flaws

The single most important aspect of releasing a film is getting your targeting and positioning right, and in sync. Failure to identify your audience and then aligning it with the correct positioning can derail a film before it is even released. We can work with you towards getting this spot-on at the very outset.


View of actress through viewfinder

Look Your Very Best

At Magus Films we pride ourselves on creating truly world-class creative, from key art/poster design, stand-out trailers, special cast shoots, advertising and packaging. From your brief we will deliver the concepts that will drive winning engagement with your target audience.


Film Crew

Getting to Greenlit

With years of experience marketing, distributing and selling films, we can apply this crucial knowledge at the early stages of a film's production, coming on board as producer or co-producer, working alongside the line-producer, executive producer and director. We can introduce any film we are attached to to financiers, UK sales agents and distributors alike, ultimately giving the project the very best chances of getting made and then being sold to distributors, globally. We can also attach crew and script doctors to projects, as well as introducing the film to the wide world of international film festivals through our extensive network of contacts.


Theater Marquee Lights

Through the Maze

We can help you get your film released in the UK and beyond, including securing distribution in cinemas and across all home entertainment platforms via our extensive network of sales agents, distributors and exhibitors and can also manage an entire film release across each and every existing platform.


Legal Research and Writing

Words Matter

From press releases, plot synopses, social media posts, to tag/loglines for your posters, Magus Films provide the most engaging copy you could wish for.



Experience the Magic of the Movies

Within our network of creatives are exceptional brand designers and creative thinkers who can inject the excitement and boldness of entertainment and film to your non-film brand, product or service. Give us a try, you might just give yourself a nice surprise!



Pitch Book Design & Copy

We have written and designed dozens of pitch-decks for filmmakers and writers keen to pitch their concepts to streamers and financiers, sales agents and casting directors. We are experts in pitching and can create the perfect balance of impactful design and readability! 

We are also incredibly good value! Ask us for a quote to do your next pitch deck!

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