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Previous Work Examples

Below are a selection of projects I have worked on in previous roles, which serve as examples of what we can now achieve for your film/project



Perfect Positioning Pays

When it comes to a killer poster or trailer you have come to the right place! We pride ourselves on overseeing the very best in world-class creative materials that engage fully with your target audience and POP out and grab your attention, drawing you in closer. We will find the right artist/editor to realise your vision and deliver something that you'll be proud of representing your film/content. We will also deliver all of your copy including a stand-out tagline.
The above poster is for the film Edie, launched in cinemas on May 25th 2018 - at the time of writing the film has exceeded £430,000 at the UK box office.



Whisky Galore product lifecycle

Whisky Galore was one of those films that could easily have ended up going direct to SVoD or Premium VoD, but we saw an opportunity at Arrow Films to make it work theatrically, but mainly regionally. We had previously released  another comedy, The Stag, which had worked well regionally in Ireland, but not when released in the UK, so on this project we didn't want to over-stretch. The film went on to be a huge success across all platforms, from a relatively low investment and was shortlisted for a Screen Marketing Award in 2017 for a film under £1M Box Office and then won the BASE Award in 2018 for its home entertainment release in the same category. The film took £380,000 in the UK and sold over 40,000 DVD units



The Keeper

For the release of the film Trautmann, we firstly came up with a brand new, more commercial title, The Keeper, and then set about creating the key art and trailer via some of our preferred designers and editors, wrote the marketing plan and have since been managing the Media, PR and Social Media agencies for our client, Parkland Entertainment.


Creating a cohesive look

When I first joined Arrow Films in 2012 they had previously released a couple of Scandinavian crime drama series - the phenomenally successful, The Killing - series one and two and Wallander - series one and two, and were about to release Borgen and The Bridge. At that point I devised a brand under which to house this burgeoning collection, and that was 'Nordic Noir'. Since then over 500,000 DVD have been sold and massive digital and SVoD revenues amounted, a consecutive 3-year live event, a bi-annual magazine, book spin-offs and merchandise.



An audacious approach

The live event/expo/festival that was Nordicana was devised and founded by Jonathan Sadler whilst at Arrow Films, as a way to grow the brand and genre of Nordic Noir and to create additional breakout national PR. Over 3 years we hosted the stars of The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge, Wallander, The Legacy and 1864, as well as numerous authors, directors, producers, chefs, academics and musicians. It was an audacious enterprise and was the very first even of its kind in the UK.



Films for a Targeted Audience

This was our first identity project (aside from our own logo of course!) for the newly formed Parkland Pictures and was a fairly quick and inexpensive exercise. Clients often imagine that corporate identity needs to be expensive but that is not always the case! Get in touch to see what we can do for you for only small-beer!

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