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Words from people I've worked with

"Not exaggerating - this man has literally done everything in the film industry apart from star in his own blockbuster movie!!!" - Nick Gibbs-McNeil, MD at Pitch Black (via LinkedIn)

"Jon has a broad range of commercial skills, from multi-million-pound theatrical releases to direct-to-video releases. Highly creative, he has an ability to manage complex release strategies to tight deadlines and often even tighter budgets. Jon is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about film and television and he is a tremendous asset to any team." Peter Thompson, Head of Sales (Via LinedIn)

"Jon has a huge amount of knowledge and experience of the film industry and is a truly talented and innovative marketer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon on a number of projects and I’ve always been impressed with his smart and insightful thinking" - Janis Thomas, Marketing Director at Birchbox UK (Via LinedIn)

"Jon has all the qualities you'd want from a Marketing Director (and in spades!) but if I had to single out one in particular that sums him up it's his innate creativity. As a creative director it's rare I come away from a client meeting have learned something about design and it's impacts on consumers. Not so with Jon. It got so I'd wonder why he needed me and my team at all! It's probably this that mean his titles always seem to sell way better than they might otherwise" Rennie Mitchell, Creative Director and entrepreneur (Via LinedIn)

"Jon is one of the most analytical and profit-focused marketers I have ever had the pleasure of working with" - Krista Wegener, SVP Sales & Distribution at Participant Media (Via LinedIn)

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