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Magus Films expanded into production and co-production in 2019, with various projects in the pipeline, including a feature film and the development of two sports documentary features plus a documentary series.


If you are looking to attach an industry-savvy producer to your next project, to help with approaching sales agents, looking at international sales estimates/figures, introductions to distributors, script writers and script-doctors, commercial casting decisions, unit publicity and marketing, then please get in touch. In our experience most independent productions lack anyone attached to the project with any experience after post-production has finished.

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Based on the play 'Chalet' by Roderick Mann


Role: Producer.

Status: In Development - Screenplay Available


It’s December 1975, three days before New Year’s Eve and David Niven is planning his comeback role in a new film production, ‘Chalet'. With him at his Swiss winter abode is his rather acerbic wife, former supermodel, Hjordis, and his daughter, Jennifer, who has just befriended a man at the Eagle Club over in nearby Gstaad.


Over for dinner that evening, for a communal serving of fondu, is the film’s producer, Max and an actor pal of the Niven’s, Tony, who is particularly keen to snare a role in the new production, plus Jennifer’s newfound friend, Andrew.


Things start to go pear-shaped when, after the guests have departed, Hjordis sees that Andrew has left his wallet behind, discovering in the process that he is, in fact, a U.K. tax inspector. And what was the main topic of discussion during the evening? Why, David’s recent illegal overstay in the U.K., from where he is a tax exile! Things are looking decidedly iffy for David, and something must be done immediately in order to protect his hard-earned assets!


But someone is clearly pulling the strings, as the plot thickens apace the mounting snow, and the report of a terrible accident on the slopes sends everyone into a frenzy of suspicion. The fiendish plot of the thriller, ‘Chalet’ seems to be playing out in real life! And, as the tensions rise right up to the beams, our ever-genial host artfully steers us all through an entertaining yarn, with just more than a glint in his debonair eye.


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